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Saint Andrews Homes is built on a passion for home building and a genuine love for making homeowners’ dreams come true. We are passionate about delivering architecturally distinct homes, implementing best practices, & being a leader in green home building.


Saint Andrews Homes has a guiding mantra of Persist Until You Succeed. We are up before dawn and ready to meet the day’s challenges. Our goal is to overcome obstacles and get the job done, and done well. We motivate those around us to do the same.


Saint Andrews Homes means high quality. The craftsmanship, materials, & engineered systems that go in your home matter. National and regional building trends are constantly changing, and you need someone to sort through what’s going to be the best for your home and your family.


Saint Andrews Homes is formed from experience & founded on integrity. This means open and responsive communication with homeowners & the drive to build the very best for you. It’s also in the way we treat people we work with & work for: with respect and care.

We leave no stone unturned.

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